What does healing look like?

Blog that discusses the issue of white privilege and the Occupy movements.

Sorry for the Hiatus

It’s been ages since I’ve posted anything due to my dissertation and general hectic life. But I am now back. So please submit things if you can!

From White Racist to White Anti-Racist

Detailing different stages white people go through in developing awareness to racism.

Cis Privilege Checklist

A list of privileges cis people have.

Kudos to Peggy McIntosh for her White Privilege Checklist, inspirer of this list and all-around rad resource worth reading more than once. An older version of the cis privilege checklist is available at T-Vox.

Very frequently people like to direct other people to privilege checklists in order to “prove” to them the reality of that privilege. If that’s why someone sent you here, you have my sympathy–it’s obnoxious, isn’t it? So, before you read this list, check out some caveats, explanations, and definitions I’ve set up; they might make it a bit easier for you to read from the right headspace, and easier to understand.

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The Privilege of Ignorance

A discussion considering neurotypical privilege.

Something people who talk about privilege don’t talk about much:

Part of your majority privilege is the luxury of being ignorant.

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Defining Cultural Appropriation

An article discussing cultural appropriation in the U.S.

First of all, I’m not gonna deal with global cultural appropriation, but rather focus on American appropriation of cultures brought into the US either by immigrants or by Americans who went abroad and brought stuff back.

White Privilege Diary Series #1 - White Feminist Privilege in Organizations

An interesting discussion about how white privilege operates within feminism.

Over the last thirty years I’ve worked with a variety of white-dominated feminist organizations that have expressed a wish to “diversify.”  While feminist organizations differ in structure and intent, the reasons these various organizations gave for bringing me in as a consultant or to hold workshops were strikingly similar.  ”Why,” they wanted to know, “can’t we attract women of color to our organization?  And when they do show up, why don’t they stay?” Sometimes I worked alone, but often I worked with an African American feminist partner.  We found, over time, a depressing similarity of pattern as, one after another, the organizations we counseled decided that our suggestions would be “too difficult” to implement. This diary describes my experiences in the world of white feminist organizations and NGOs, and offers an analysis of the key problems of white privilege and the investment of many white feminist institutions in racist practices.

Rape Culture 101

A great primer and explanation on rape culture. Trigger warning for mentions and discussions of rape.

But my correspondents—whether they are dewy noobs just coming to feminism, advanced feminists looking for a source, or disbelievers in the existence of the rape culture—always seem to be looking for something more comprehensive and less abstract: What is the rape culture? What are its borders? What does it look like and sound like and feel like?

It is not a definition for which they’re looking; not really. It’s a description. It’s something substantive enough to reach out and touch, in all its ugly, heaving, menacing grotesquery.

When Prejudice Is So Malleable

A discussion about how racial privileges intersect.

The finding that white Americans see blacks’ progress as an insult or a diminishment of their status is not entirely surprising. Zero-sum formulations of prejudice tend to emerge in lean economic times, fueling cultural or historical rivalries of all sorts.

If You Haven’t Been On Food Stamps, Stop Trying to Influence Government Policy

Criticisms on regulation of items purchased in the U.S. on food stamps.

This is a public service announcement intended for journalists, news outlets, bloggers, folks in charge of creating policy, and people who have been lucky enough to have never relied on government assistance for basic necessities like food.

Just stop. Just stop the madness.