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How should slurs be handled?

I’m interested to know how people feel about handling slurs. I understand there are many efforts to reclaim certain words, but I am also aware that some words can’t be reclaimed or many people may feel uncomfortable reclaiming words and may be triggered by their use. Do people feel as though bleeping out one part of the word is effective? Or no? I’d like to see what people think about it. Which of the following ways would be useful?

  • Tr*iggering W*rd
  • [TW: Type Slur] (included before the word) (e.g. Racist Slur, Transphobic Slur, etc.)

Unfortunately, Tumblr doesn’t allow me to use HTML to make it so you only see the word if you highlight it, so that’s not an option. But I’m welcome to other suggestions because I’d really like to see what people think.